Clients typically seek an Executive Coach when one of their C-level personnel or one of their “high potentials” has untapped potential, ineffective approaches or a personal roadblock; that is, when one or more facets of how they go about their work are impeding their current success and may stand in the way of future promotion. Typically, the person to be coached has received some feedback concerning their ineffective approaches from co-workers or their direct supervisor, but this feedback has been unsuccessful in “turning them around” so that they meet the expected standard.

Executive Coaching is a powerful, cost-effective catalyst that enables the client to clearly see their current reality, identify more effective strategies and then successfully modify their behaviours so that they stick long term.

Our team have the effective coach skills to ensure that 8 effective coaching elements are built into the coaching process in order to ensure real change and a totally satisfied client:

  1. Clear Objectives and measures
  2. Built in confidence and buy into coach and client relationship
  3. Ongoing Management support
  4. Rapport
  5. Observation of change work and 360 degree feedback from third party
  6. Understood coaching process
  7. Sufficient time to measure and monitor change works; and
  8. Closure with a plan of the way forward.