With the implementation of the New Company Act 2008, Chapter 6 regulates the process and procedures of Business Rescue.  With the enforcement of such legislation, Accounting and Auditing professionals has by necessity, evolved drastically over the last few years to embrace the complexity of business rescue.

Marican Incorporated is a CIPC appointed Business Rescue Practitioners and employ a professional panel of legal, finance and business advisors to facilitate corporate turnarounds and restructuring, change management and renewal.  By combining accounting, auditing and business accounting psychology helps to close the gap created by these developments affecting the industry and, in doing so, Marican are able to guide clients to success.  Building a successful business is like creating that perfect ‘secret’ recipe. The Marican approach is just that – your ‘secret’ ingredient in your recipe for success.

Our core expertise is resuscitating businesses that are in financial distress and rapidly declining.  Their key to success is to include management and employees in the rescue, recovery and renewal process.  Cognizant of the distress people experience in their professional and personal lives at such times every client, no matter the size or type of business, is treated with respect and care.